Prioritizing Mental Wellness to Reduce Stress and Improve Resilience

Download this case study to learn how a leading pharmacy benefits management company improved employee resilience and well-being by adding digital mental health tools. They have achieved an annual utilization of 22% for 4 years running by creating a workplace culture that fosters support for mental health.

Cracking the Code on Removing Stigma and Increasing Access to Mental Health Support

Download this case study to learn how Midco used digital mental health resources to remove barriers that often prevent those who need help from seeking it, especially men who face stereotypes and biases against expressing vulnerability. Through an ongoing, concerted effort to break down barriers, Midco has seen widespread adoption of Learn to Live including a 16.9% annual utilization rate.

World-Class Mental Health Benefits Utilization Driven by Holistic“Mind-Body-Life” Benefits Approach

Download this case study to learn how a holistic approach to wellness resulted in consistently high employee engagement and remarkable results including a 16% decrease in medical behavioral health claims and a 15% decrease in behavioral health drug claims.

Digital Programs Supplement Counseling Resources to Meet Student Mental Health Needs

Download this case study to learn how a large University system achieves 9% annual student utilization of digital mental health programs, helping students stay in school.

Integration of Mental Health and Wellness into Student Culture Drives Remarkable Program Utilization 

Download this case study to learn how Gustavus Adolphus College supports the holistic needs of students by providing them with access to Learn to Live's digital mental health programs.

Dedication to Health and Well-being Drives Utilization of Behavioral Health Programs

Download this case study to learn how Gate City Bank’s dedicated leaders and quarterly marketing campaigns helped them achieve noteworthy engagement with a digital mental health solution.

Creative Internal Marketing Drives Record Utilization of Digital Mental Health

Download this case study to learn how CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP) has prioritized the mental well-being of its workforce, reduced stigma associated with mental health support, and achieved program utilization by 39% of employees in 2022.

The Importance of Communication in Driving Utilization of Mental Health Benefits

Download this case study to learn how Federated Insurance® drove a dramatic increase in employee engagement with mental health resources through proactive and multi-pronged communication initiatives.