Our Story

Learn about our founders, our team and our mission.

We wanted to help more people. We were troubled when anxiety sufferers couldn’t schedule appointments due to a shortage of psychologists and therapists that provide the treatment that really works for anxiety.

So, we developed a new program from the ground up. For the past four years we’ve been crafting our lessons to be personal, encouraging, impactful, and based on the fundamentals of CBT, which can be truly life-changing. Because, at the end of the day, we all just want to learn to live."

– Dr. Russ

Dale Cook

Dale Cook

Chief Executive Officer

Dale is co-founder, CEO and the driving force behind everything that keeps us on track and growing. He pours his positive energy and commitment into serving the various teams across the company in their pursuit of the goal, which is for our members to receive the help they need. For Dale, Learn to Live means delivering a great experience for our members and partnering closely with our organizational clients to serve their communities.

Dr Russell Morfitt

Dr. Russell Morfitt

Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Russ is a co-founder and our clinical leader. He has been helping people live better lives for more than 20 years and uses that experience to infuse each program with his natural compassion and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy research. He leads the clinical and data teams that design our services and measure outcomes. For Russ, Learn to Live means bringing the life-changing benefits of CBT to everyone who needs it.

Sarah Thorstad

Sarah Thorstad

President and Chief Operating Officer

Sarah provides leadership for our sales, marketing, finance, product, member experience, clinical, technology, human resources and general operations teams to ensure we are delivering on our mission of helping members live their best life. Sarah has 15 years of experience in healthcare. She brings her energy and passion to our team every day as we work to improve access to care and clinical outcomes through our programs and technology.

Carlene Anteau

Carlene Anteau, MS, RN

Senior Vice President of Marketing

Carlene leads Learn to Live’s marketing team to raise awareness for and share the message about Learn to Live’s digital CBT solutions. For Carlene, joining the Learn to Live team provides the opportunity to inform more people and organizations about equitable, accessible and affordable mental health resources.

David Radloff

David Radloff

Chief Financial Officer

David oversees our fiscal functions and performance. He makes sure the lights stay on so we can help more people. His work is more than just numbers to him. Learn to Live inspires David because of the tremendously positive impact our technology has on members' lives.

Erin Benson

Erin Benson

Senior Vice President of Product

Erin leads our product development, analytics, coaching operations and customer support teams to bring the benefits of CBT to as many people as possible. For Erin, being a part of our stellar team allows her an opportunity to raise mental health awareness and make a positive impact in the lives of our members.

DJ Bouchier

Donald J. (DJ) Bouchier

Chief Architect and Information Security Officer

DJ oversees all things tech, including software development, architecture and security. He provides leadership to ensure the technology delivers on our creative and strategic vision, in ways that maximize our reach. DJ is passionate about working at Learn to Live because it means being part of a mission to make a difference.

Want Dr. Russ to visit your group?

Dr. Russ speaks to a wide variety of groups about how to address anxiety within the context of life events. Reach out to us at contactus@learntolive.com for more information.