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Support the mental health of your employees, students, health plan members and patients with our flexible and affordable mental health program.

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Put your mental health first by taking a free assessment to get program recommendations. You can then choose to purchase a program subscription ($149 each). We’ll help you identify difficult thoughts and behaviors so you can improve your life.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a powerful solution that addresses a range of mental and behavioral challenges. Learn to Live programs are designed by industry experts and have been proven effective, with over 40% of our members experiencing a significant reduction in their suffering, moving from clinical to subclinical levels.

We store and encrypt all member data, undergo regular security audits, and adhere to strict professional and ethical confidentiality policies that help and protect all members.


of members move from clinical to subclinical levels of suffering


of members who start Learn to Live while experiencing clinical levels of suffering see improvement while completing a program


of members report achieving their personal goals 

Learn to Live for Organizations

Learn to Live for Organizations

With much higher utilization rates than face-to-face therapy and other traditional services such as EAP, our programs and coaching significantly reduce the cost of providing care and reduce other medical expenses as a result of mental health improvement.

Our proven results include: 

  • 4x annual ROI
  • 41% of members move from clinical levels to subclinical levels of suffering

Learn to Live for Individuals

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Learn to Live might be offered by your employer, health plan, provider, or academic institution, at no cost to you. Contact them to see if you are eligible and receive a code and start your journey towards a happier, healthier you!

To learn more about how Learn to Live protects your privacy, please view our privacy policy.

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