Who We Serve

A Comprehensive Approach to User Engagement

Learn to Live’s confidential, self-directed programs use evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) supported by 24/7 clinician coaching to address common mental health problems and remove stigma, access, and cost barriers.  

Our programs give people convenient, confidential, and easy access to tools to help them improve and manage their mental health. We are providing a better solution for health plans, employers, health systems, and higher education institutions who want to expand access to affordable, best-in-class benefits.  

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Health Plans

Give your members access to effective online mental health programs that are easily scaled to suit any size member population for all health plan segments, including self-insured, commercial fully insured, Medicare, and Medicaid.

See how digital mental health programs improve member outcomes.


Give your employees the added support of evidence-based, online cognitive behavioral therapy and live clinician coaching to improve outcomes, productivity, and morale. 

Our programs encourage high engagement for developing new skills to manage stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, substance use, and other prevalent mental health problems.

See how digital mental health programs can increase engagement in mental health services, drive real clinical outcomes, and reduce costs.

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Higher Education

Engaging in mental health care can be challenging for many students. Our self-directed programs help them manage stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, substance use, and panic, and increases resilience.

See how our online mental health solutions increase student well-being and retention.

Health Systems

Our online mental health programs and services improve access for your health system employees. We help individuals develop skills to cope with common mental health problems, which reduces burnout and turnover, and increases productivity.

Our programs are easily scaled to serve patients, increasing access to mental health care, improving clinical outcomes, and reducing costs.

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