Clinically Proven, Online Mental Health Care

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Our confidential, self-directed programs use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and 24/7 clinician coaching, coupled with gold standard psychometric assessments, to address the most prevalent mental health problems and remove the greatest barriers to receiving care: stigma, access, and cost.

Our virtual programs and services reach broad and geographically diverse populations and produce results that are as effective as traditional therapy.

Improve Access to Mental Health Programs and Services for your Employees and Patients

Our easy access online programs and services help individuals develop skills to cope with common mental health problems including stress, depression, anxiety, panic, insomnia, and substance use, and promote building resilience, which reduces employee burnout and decreases costs. 

These programs are easily scaled to serve patients, improving health outcomes, and reducing costs for providers.

See how to increase resilience in your staff and patients.

A meta-analysis of 65 studies found that among healthcare workers, the prevalence of depression was 21.7%, and of anxiety 22.1%. McKinsey notes that programs with a focus on mental health resilience have been shown to improve clinician morale and job satisfaction, and to engender a sense of purpose.

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Industry Leading Mental Health Engagement and Outcomes

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Our clinically proven programs are available using a web browser or downloadable app. The convenient, confidential, 24/7 access removes traditional barriers to mental health care and reduces the impact of depression, anxiety, and burnout.​

Our proven results:

  • 75% of users report Learn to Live programs improved their ability to be productive at work
  • 60% reduction in behavioral health related emergency room visits
  • 91% of users recommend Learn to Live’s programs

See how a simple solution can ease the pressure of nurse burnout.

Manage Patient Mental Health to Increase Quality and Value-Based Care Performance

Optimize patient care quality and outcomes by addressing the mental health needs of your patients and their family members. Our ability to drive industry-leading engagement and a 31% drop in depression and anxiety scores reduces total cost of care; spending related to chronic medical conditions can be reduced by up to 12%.

See how digital mental health programs improve clinician staff and patient outcomes. 

People of all ages with depression are at higher risk of developing certain physical illnesses. Value-based care programs can advance their population health initiatives by offering mental health and wellness programs and services.

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Improve Equity and Access with Scalable Online Mental Health Programs and Services

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Our programs and clinician coaching services are accessible anywhere, anytime to support the emotional, psychological, and social well-being of your employees and patients regardless of race, ethnicity, geographic location, education, income, and gender.

Compared to in-person therapy, teletherapy, and other options:

  • 76% of users say convenient 24/7 access is an advantage
  • 83% of users say the ability to go at their own pace is an advantage

Rapid Implementation to Drive Immediate Impact for your Organization

Your clinicians, employees, and patients will have access to our online mental health programs and services within 8 weeks of project kick-off.

Our turnkey services include:​

  • Awareness and engagement campaigns to support outreach and drive utilization​
  • Full training for management and clinical teams​
  • Comprehensive reporting to show clinical outcomes and cost savings​

Fully embedded product integration using SSO and API is also available.​

Interested in learning more? Connect with the Learn to Live team.​

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