Improving Mental Health Outcomes Through Utilization

Achieve best in class utilization of mental health benefits

The vital need for comprehensive mental health support is widely recognized by health plans, employers, higher education institutions, and health care providers. Many organizations offer great mental health benefits, but they fail to deliver value to your population or your organization because those who could benefit are unaware of their availability.

Our dedication to being a strategic partner ensures that awareness is not a barrier for Learn to Live clients.

Encouraging Utilization

Our programs are self-paced and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Each client has one access code for their entire organization so it’s easy to get started. We also make it simple to use. Individuals can start slowly by taking an assessment to better understand what program might be the best fit for their needs, which eases anxiety for people who may be unsure about where to begin. In addition, we provide turnkey materials that support utilization including challenges where users are incentivized to engage in simple ways with Learn to Live’s programs and services.

Example of a challenge to encourage utilization

Reaching Unique Populations

Women's Health Toolkit

We know everyone has different experiences and mental health needs throughout their life’s journey. That’s why we provide toolkits outside of our 7 standard programs. They address more specific topics like grief, suicide, and trauma, providing information and links to resources including on-demand webinars and blog content.

This Women’s Health Toolkit is an example of the resources Learn to Live provides to our clients and their unique populations. It explores a woman’s journey through life, the challenges that may arise, and how cognitive behavioral therapy can help.

Reducing Stigma

Creating awareness and encouraging utilization results in a third benefit: reducing stigma. Some people may be hesitant to engage with a mental health program for fear that there will be negative consequences.

Those fears can be greatly alleviated when they are regularly exposed to positive promotional materials, encouragement, and supportive content like webinars and wellness articles.

Wellness articles reduce stigma and nurture good mental health

Choosing a Mental Health Partner

E-book: Selecting Digital Mental Health Resources for Your Employees: 4 Important Questions to Ask

Choosing the right mental health solution can be difficult given the number of vendors and options in the marketplace.

With a growing emphasis on mental health and well-being, it’s even more important to find the right partner. Download an E-book to learn more about how to ensure that your digital mental health benefits are truly utilized and valued by your workforce.