Unlocking the Value of Employee Mental Health and Well-being: Part 3

How to Articulate Your Data on Health Care Costs, ROI, and Benefit

Are you looking to strengthen your business case for investment in critical workplace mental health initiatives? The focus of this white paper is on strategies to synthesize costs, ROI, and benefits into a persuasive narrative that resonates with key stakeholders and secures buy-in. You will be empowered to articulate a compelling case for mental health programs when equipped with techniques to skillfully convey information on health care expenditures, productivity, performance, retention, and other outcomes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Organizational stakeholders can take advantage of the benchmarks and formulas within this white paper to calculate the cost of unmet mental health needs on their bottom line in the form of absenteeism, presenteeism, excess medical and behavioral health care costs, and recruitment and onboarding.
  • Similarly, they determine the projected or actual value of mental health benefits using formulas that incorporate the utilization and clinical efficacy of existing or potential future benefits and services.
  • Leaders are empowered to craft a compelling narrative that resonates powerfully with stakeholders, particularly amidst harsh economic climates, and improve employee mental well-being.

Whether you face gaps in internal data or difficulties conveying the multifaceted value of mental health, this white paper will equip you to complete the journey from building a strong business case to securing meaningful commitment and resources.

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