PreferredOne Now Offers Learn to Live, an Innovative Digital Platform for Emotional Health Concerns

1/28/2020 10:26:00 AM

MINNEAPOLIS, January 28, 2020 – PreferredOne, a market leader with products and services that improve quality of care and conserve employer health plan dollars, announced this week that they have added the innovative platform Learn to Live – a national leader in the digital delivery of evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) tools – as a new solution to provide support to their members with mild to moderate anxiety, depression, social anxiety, insomnia, or substance use.

As of February 1, 2020, PreferredOne offers Learn to Live to its self-insured clients that have 200 or more employees. These clients can provide Learn to Live’s interactive digital programs to their employees for help with mental and emotional health concerns which can lead to significant improvement in their well-being. The effectiveness of Learn to Live’s programs is supported by a high-fidelity adherence to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a very engaging interface and one-to-one coaching. Market-leading engagement, strong clinical outcomes, and high satisfaction and retention rates are key reasons why top health care insurers and employers are choosing Learn to Live.

“We’re proud to be working in partnership with PreferredOne to bring a new level of access, convenience, and effectiveness to support emotional health and well-being,” said Learn to Live CEO and co-founder Dale Cook. “Learn to Live’s programs provide an effective, innovative and confidential solution to those who may lack access to support for their mental or emotional health concerns.”

“Market-leading engagement, strong clinical outcomes and high satisfaction and retention rates are key reasons why we added Learn to Live as an option for our groups,” said Abbie Miller, Sr. Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at PreferredOne. “Many teens and adults experience emotional health challenges but lack access to help. Learn to Live’s effective and engaging solutions support our mission of helping members achieve their best health.”

PreferredOne now joins other leading health insurers, large employers, and higher education institutions that offer Learn to Live’s emotional health programs to their members, employees, and students. Learn to Live’s services are now available to more than 3.5 million members across the United States.

About Learn to Live

Learn to Live is the leader in tackling mental health challenges through consumer-centered technology via web and mobile delivery. Our programs are designed to help individuals with stress, depression, social anxiety, insomnia, and substance use—and are self-directed, and based on the fundamentals of cognitive behavioral therapy. The company designs solutions to reduce stigma, alleviate access barriers and limit financial concerns for those seeking help. Learn to Live has helped tens of thousands of individual consumers, and partners with organizational clients in the health plan, employment, and higher education sectors. Through these partnerships, Learn to Live now covers over 3.5 million members.

About PreferredOne

PreferredOne, a subsidiary of Minnesota-based Fairview Health Services, helps more than 350,000 members achieve their best health. Visit to learn more.