Dr. Russ Morfitt Named 2023 ABCT Fellow

11/16/2023 12:28:24 PM

(MINNEAPOLIS, Minn) November 16, 2023-Learn to Live Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer Russ Morfitt, PhD, has been recognized as a Fellow of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT). ABCT is a 65-year-old organization with over 4,000 members and is the premier organization for CBT professionals. ABCT Fellow status is awarded by a group of peers in honor of distinguished, outstanding, and sustained accomplishments that are above and beyond the expectations of a person’s professional role. 

In 26 years as a practicing psychologist, Dr. Morfitt has demonstrated his commitment and dedication to help people live better lives. A few years after completing his PhD in Psychology at the University of Minnesota, he first envisioned what would become Learn to Live. He recognized that there were millions suffering from mental health concerns, but they were too intimidated or financially unable to get assistance. He imagined creating a platform that would make cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) more accessible to people unlikely to seek therapist support.  

Dr. Morfitt and Dale Cook, MBA went on to co-found Learn to Live, which now offers 7 high-fidelity, 8-lesson CBT programs covering mental health issues like social anxiety, depression, insomnia, panic, stress, and anxiety. These programs follow CBT principles and are available at no cost through their health plans, universities, or employers. Multiple peer-reviewed studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Learn to Live’s CBT programs. By making CBT more available, these efforts have significantly expanded its reach. Hundreds of thousands have now accessed Learn to Live’s programs and applied CBT techniques to their own lives.  

Learn to Live’s programs are available to over 35 million people and are changing lives every day. One Learn to Live member commented, “If you would have told me three years ago that I would be anxiety free…like everyone else, I would have laughed and thought you were making a cruel joke. I had nearly accepted that this was my lot in life, but it’s certainly not true. Take a Learn to Live program seriously, and your life will change seriously. It did for me!” 

Dr. Morfitt joins only 234 other ABCT members who have been awarded this honor over the past 65 years. 

About Learn to Live

Learn to Live is a leading digital mental health provider that brings together the clinically-proven strategies of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with an easily accessible technology platform and live clinician coaching to provide a high-value benefit delivered through health plans, employers, schools and providers. The programs are designed to help people live better lives by addressing some of the most common mental health problems, including social anxiety; depression; stress, anxiety & worry; panic; insomnia; and substance use with a consistent focus on resilience and mindfulness. Learn to Live provides effective help to millions of people through a digital model that addresses the greatest barriers to receiving care: access, cost and stigma.