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Our Programs

Learn to Live offers a variety of digital programs. Years of research show digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) programs are as effective as face-to-face therapy. Enter your access code above and answer some questions. We’ll recommend a program for you.



Feeling sad, discouraged, or worn out? How about stuck or withdrawn?

This program can help you expose unhelpful thoughts and behaviors. It can help you learn other proven tools to feel better.

Stress, Anxiety & Worry

Are you feeling stressed out? Are you overwhelmed by anxiety and worry?

This program can help you face your fears and contain your worries. You’ll be able to take control of your time and be more assertive.

Social Anxiety

Are social interactions really awkward or scary? Do you fear being judged?

This program can help you rethink unhelpful thoughts and face your fears. You’ll be able to connect with others and live life more fully.


Is lack of sleep leading you to be irritable, unfocused, and drained of energy?

This program can help you to get more quality sleep. You’ll use proven tools to loosen the grip of worry and optimize your sleep schedule.

Substance Use

Have alcohol or drugs become a problem? Is use hurting your relationships or career?

This program will help you get past triggers and cravings. You’ll have tools to build a support network and reduce big emotions to help you reach your goals.


Do you have moments of intense fear where your heart races and it feels hard to breathe?

This program can help you understand the real causes of panic attacks and how to face your fears. You can have a life no longer run by panic.



Do you want to prepare for life’s challenges? Would you like to improve your well-being?

This program covers optimism, gratitude, relationship building, resolving conflict, healthy habits and more. You can learn to thrive in life.

Something for Everyone

Learn to Live meets you where you’re at - providing tools on mental health topics that fit into your schedule. You can take advantage of these even if you’re not ready for a program. Enter your access code at the top of the page to enroll and gain access. Don’t wait to prioritize your mental health. Start learning to live a better life today.

Mindfulness Moments

Receive encouraging text messages each week with quick tips and research-driven mood boosters.


View live or on demand sessions led by clinicians. Learn useful tips and tools to improve your well-being.

Quick Breaks

Explore 5-minute activities. Topics include being present, managing stress, forming healthy sleep habits, and more.

Articles & Toolkits

Read about ways to apply mental health best practices at all stages of life. Then try it out.

How It Works

Identify the Problem

We will ask you questions about your current experiences so we can recommend a program we think will best suit your goals.

Then, you’ll choose a program that feels right for you. Or, you can explore some of our other tools.

Complete Lessons

You’ll complete digital programs at your own pace. Each program has eight lessons designed to help you manage your fears and stressors. Watch psychologist-led videos. Check out animation examples. And interact with content. You’ll learn new ideas like Thought Inspection, Fear Facing and Goal Setting to help you form new healthy habits.

Gather the tools and skills you need to live the life you want.

Practice What You Learn

You’ll have the know-how. It's time to put it to work. Work through your to-do’s at the end of each lesson to practice your new thinking and living on a daily basis.

We help you set your goals and track your progress from your personalized dashboard.

Get Support

Along the way, we help you get support from others to reach your goals.

You can choose to work with a Learn to Live coach. Coaches provide support, encouragement, and answers to your questions via weekly email, text or phone call.

You can invite people you know such as friends and family members to be your Teammates™. They can help you get motivated and stay on track.

Evidence Based Programs

Hundreds of studies have shown that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a powerful solution to problems like anxiety and depression. When CBT tools are delivered digitally, they're as effective as face-to-face sessions. So, this a smart option for those who prefer self-guided programs to in-person meetings.

Learn more about the impact of digital CBT