Learn How to Improve Mental Well-being


We invite you to attend presentations hosted by the Learn to Live Clinical Team. These webinars provide useful tips and strategies to improve your mental wellbeing at no additional cost to you.

Register below for an upcoming live webinar based on your preferred topic and date, or watch one of our recorded webinars now. Live webinars are hosted on Zoom and all registrants will receive a link to the recording after the webinar ends.

Upcoming Live Webinars:

Staying Refreshed and Preventing Burnout

Do you ever feel like you are struggling to thrive? Recent studies show that 40% of us are feeling burnt out, but there is hope. Join us to learn the powerful impact of discovering and living by your values and receive practical insights about how to get past barriers that can leave us feeling unfulfilled and drained.

Finding Hope and Healing in the Face of Trauma

Hard things happen in life and sometimes, when we get knocked down, it’s harder to get back on our feet than we would like. We’ll explain the commonly-used terms ‘trauma’ and ‘PTSD’ and how they impact our lives. The Preparation and Growth Model will be introduced, and we’ll share important steps for healing in the face of trauma and strategies to build resilience should challenges come your way.

Resilience: The Role of Optimism in Overcoming Life's Challenges

Will we succeed or fail? Will tomorrow be bright or gloomy? Many of us don’t realize that how we view our past can have a huge impact on our future. We’ll share a new lens for viewing setbacks in order to build resilience & create optimism for the future.

Don't Let ANTS Ruin Your Lunch

In this 15 min session we’ll share about ANTs (Automatic Negative Thinking Traps). They are so common, yet often go unnoticed as they trick us into worrying and create unnecessary stress in our days. You’ll learn a research-based strategy that can help you stop ANTs from ruining your days.

Resisting the Pressure to be Perfect

What does high pressure do to us? We’ll explain perfectionism, ways to think differently about high standards, and how to face fears of imperfection.

Recorded Webinars

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My little Bundle of What-ifs: Calming Strategies for Postpartum Anxiety

Many capable and loving new moms find themselves haunted by fears, worrying - what if my baby gets sick? What if I'm doing a bad job? Postpartum anxiety is a thing. In the time it takes to just get started with a worry, the Learn to Live clinical team shares some of the most impactful strategies for finding calm during this time.

Beyond the Baby Blues: Help and Hope for Postpartum Depression

Far too often new moms find that the time of a new baby is anything but the joyous experience they had dreamt of, but don't give up, there is hope. Research has identified powerful strategies to get past the baby blues & postpartum depression. Knowing that motherhood is a busy time, this brief webinar offers strategies for mom's struggling with postpartum depression or the baby blues to help make this stage of life more joyous.

For Educators: Making the most of challenging times

As educators, you focus on the well-being of your students, yet it can be easy to forget to take care of your own well-being. Join Dr. Russ and the clinical team as they offer some tools and strategies for identifying negative thought patterns and improving time management in order to boost your emotional well-being.

Resuming life after a global disruption

For many of us, returning to work is a welcomed idea after months of sweatpants, online meetings and piece-meal hours. But returning to work has its own stressors. In this webinar, Dr. Russ and the clinical team provide some ideas for how to deal with the stress of returning to work, including how to be assertive regarding your boundaries.

Defeating loneliness for a healthier life

Research shows that connectedness is a key factor for health, but our connections with others are slipping and many of us feel lonelier than ever. Wouldn't NOW be a great time to increase your immunity, improve your mood and extend your life? Dr. Russ and the clinical team help you explore your own factors for connectedness, to identify practical ways to become more connected, and discuss ways to remove the barriers that keep you isolated… starting today.

How to build emotional strength and resilience during a crisis

Dr. Russ and the Coaching team share strategies to cope with the stress and worry of the challenging times of COVID-19. Building resilience means being more calm, able to respond and make decisions in times of stress with a more clear mind and other benefits.

Tools for help with negative thoughts in tough days

Dr. Russ and his coaching team will teach you about ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) which are common for us to experience and they can trick us into worrying more than we need to. ANTs have the potential to create unnecessary stress and unhappiness. You’ll learn how to apply a research-based exercise that can help stop ANTs from taking hold.

Managing Stress and Worry in Uncertain Times

Dr. Russ and his coaching team walk through several concepts and exercises specifically selected to help you manage the increased emotional challenges many of us are facing during COVID-19. You’ll learn how to recognize different signs of stress and take immediate action to reduce negative emotions, restoring a feeling of calmness and improved wellbeing.

Coping with loss and change during COVID-19

We all encounter loss in life. We lose friends, jobs, opportunities, and yes, loved ones. Grief is the process of working through our loss. That grief process may look different for different people, but there are still four main tasks associated with grief. Dr. Russ explains the four tasks of the grief process here and teaches us how to grieve well.

Employer Training Webinar

Coach Jess and the Client Success Team will introduce the Learn to Live benefit, show how to access the service, and share insights on how you can make referrals to employees, co-workers, and loved ones. We can all learn new ways to help more individuals who may be struggling with stress, anxiety and other mental health concerns.. Learn to Live is here to help you do so!

Habits: Building the good, breaking the bad

We live much of our lives without even thinking. Exciting new findings show that we can build new healthy habits and break old ones with less effort to improve our lives. Join Dr. Russ and Coach Jess to learn how to take your next big step toward a better life.

Assertiveness and Boundaries

Dr. Russ and the Clinical team explain the four communication styles, how to become more assertive, defining healthy boundaries and discussing ways to build effective boundaries in everyday life.

Building Resiliency

Dr. Russ and the Clinical team explain the mind-body connection, review how to improve your emotional resilience, and incorporate present awareness and mindfulness into your everyday life.

Grief: Coping with Loss

We all encounter loss in life. We lose friends, jobs, opportunities, and yes, loved ones. Grief is the process of working through our loss, which may look different for each person. Dr. Russ and Coach Jess explore the four tasks of the grief process that we all experience and how we can grieve well.

Know Your Numbers

In this webinar, Dr. Russ and the Clinical team will emphasize the importance of health assessments and define what health assessments can assist with. They will also discuss trustful assessment sources and offer actionable next steps that you can take afterwards.

Mindful Eating

Dr. Russ and the Clinical team explain how certain triggers can lead to mindless eating, what mindful eating can look like and its advantages, and some next steps to consider for success when thinking about food and eating.

Resisting the Pressure to be Perfect

Dr. Russ and the Clinical team explain perfectionism, what the pressure does to us, ways to think differently about high standards, and how to face fears of imperfection.

Stress Management

Dr. Russ and the Clinical team explain what stress does to us, outline triggers, describe the warning signs of excess stress and discuss ways to help manage stress in everyday life.

Time Management

Dr. Russ and the Clinical team explain time management, how we get off track, alternative approaches for success and practical tools for everyday life.

Too Many Sheep to Sleep

Dr. Russ and the Clinical team explain poor sleep quality, highlight the negative impact of sleep problems, share some tools to help you sleep better and give you practical strategies you can try out tonight.

When Substance Use Becomes a Concern

Presented by Dr. Russ Morfitt & the Coaching Team Substance use problems impact 1 in 7 people in their lifetime—but only 1 in 10 will ask for help. In this webinar, Dr. Russ and the Clinical team explores our relationship with substances, and how you can take helpful action if you or a loved one is wanting to cut back.

Supporting your team's behavioral health

Leaders face challenging times in which depression, anxiety and substance use continue to impact individuals and teams at high rates. Dr. Russ and Coach Jess share clear and practical steps that leaders can take to understand the behavioral health of their employees, recognize when there might be a problem, and guide/support employees who are struggling.

Recognizing Potential Behavioral Health Challenges on our Teams

When our team members are struggling, it’s natural to make certain assumptions. Effective and supportive leaders look past their own natural biases to recognize the multiple potential causes, including hidden behavioral health issues/problems. Join Dr. Russ and Coach Jess as they use case studies to illustrate and explain how to better understand your team’s challenges